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THINK TALK: Bringing Sports Online

THINK TALK: Bringing Sports Online

Sports is mostly considered as a physical activity that requires a person to perform tasks or play roles in a game. It is a physical and cognitive process where a person or an athlete needs to create, evaluate, strategies and decide on the spot to win over the opposing team or player. Players growth in Sports is not limited to Physical and Mental growth alone; but also emotional maturity and spiritual acceptance is also required.

In the recent weeks, the entire sports world was caught off guard from the widespread contamination of SARS-COV-2 and the threat of COVID-19 disease. The pandemic that is most likely attributed to socializing and physical contact have cancelled and suspended sports events. To minimize the threat, sports leaders, coaches and athletes are forced to stay at home to quarantine the community and help suppress the virus.

In this time where there are less to non physical contact between coaches and athletes, sports leaders need to create programs that will continue the growth of their athletes that will provide contact-less training with minimal supervision.


The present generation is hooked up to technology most of the time. It is one of best material coaches can use to provide contact-less training to their athletes.

There are many applications and software available online that can help coaches provide efficient and effective instructions to their athletes. But first coaches must know what type of training they will be providing. There are two approaches in online teaching:
  1. Synchronous Learning refers to a learning event in which a group of students are engaging in learning at the same time. Before learning technology allowed for synchronous learning environments, most online education took place through asynchronous learning methods. Example of this are athletes performing group exercises, all at once, online while their coach supervise them.
  2. Asynchronous Learning is learning that occurs uses resources that facilitate information sharing outside the constraints of time and place among a network of people. This will require coaches to create clear instructions to which their athletes need to perform any time of the day. Coaches need to update their players online about the progress they are making, it could be through an athlete discussion through  video call, sending progress photos, or by sending sample workout videos. 


Coaches, on their own or with the help of their fitness partners, can create workable workout plans for their players to do while at home. These plans may vary depending on materials that can be made present by their athletes.

Simple workout plans may include core, stamina, agility and endurance exercises without the need of heavy equipment or going out to the streets. Workout plans can also range from drills that may include ball handling, dribbles, and footwork exercises.

The Coach can start by gathering his or her players in an online platform where they can discuss possible things to do. If he already have created a workout plan for the week, he will present it to the team. The team must be committed to perform the task given even with less or without supervision.

Coaches may communicate with their athletes, one by one, online for progress updates and if their will be some clarifications about the workout plan. He or she can also provide additional specific tasks that he or she thinks will help the athlete grow better on his or her playing position or roles.


The isolation during this quarantine can be very hard for most of the athletes as they tend to slack off, but coaches can make use of this time to talk and discuss with their athletes about how to better their relationships in court and giving tips to become better. Coaches can also talk to athletes online to assess their personal growth. You can also ask your players on what they could recommend to better the communication and updating process of the team while not in physical contact with each other.

This is also the perfect time where coaches can be connected with the parents of their athletes to create a better support group for the team's development. Communication is one of the key factors in creating good relationship. If their will be questions, clarifications and doubts, during this time in quarantine, coaches can be efficient if he or she will create a communication line with parents to ensure that his or her athletes are also committed and being check in his or her physical absence.


Coaches, also, have the need to learn continuously especially in this time of crisis. Coaches can join online forums to which they will be able to gain more knowledge in coaching and what are the best practices other coaches, like him or her, do with their respective teams. 

Sports Leaders from all over the country during an online learning meeting with Coach Marc Dagenis, Course Conductor of the Canadian National Coaching Certification Program and Professor of the Department of Physical Education of Champlain College in St Lambert Canada. Among the attendees are Coach Koii Canarias of Holy Child College of Davao, Coach Noli Ayo of Ateneo de Davao University, Coach Louie Gonzales of Jose Rizal University, Kiefer Ravena of Gilas Pilipinas, Secretary General Pearl Managuelod of Muay Association, Ms Geraldine Bernardo from the Sports Management Council of the Philippines and Professor of De la Salle University, Sir Mario Villanueva of Naga College Foundation, and many more.
"We hope through this, we encourage more people, both inside and outside the world of sports, to find ways to remain connected and in touch with their shared passion and interest" Coach Noli Ayo shared. This online forum is a response to the unprecedented time of COVID-19 and the community quarantine. Since everyone is forced to stay inside their homes, the online forum is a way of connecting to everyone wherever they are and encourage a community of learning and continuous development among coaches and kindred individual in sports. 

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